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Chiefs Rumblings: Stop with Dorsey Conspiracy

By Nick Athan


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With the Patrick Mahommes ere beginning in Kansas City on Monday, all this banter in the KC media over the departure of former General Manager, John Dorsey is nonsense. Who cares if the Kansas City Chiefs fired him, escorted him out the door, or he quit, it’s all about the rookie QB now.


I find the suddenly left KC Star sports coverage about the decision of Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt to relieve, John Dorsey of his GM duties last month, highly entertaining. Forget what you want to believe about this move, the man was for all practical purposes, fired over his inability to communicate in a factual manner to his boss, the owner of the team.




As training camp opens, the Chiefs have a new young General Manager, Brett Veatch, a veteran head coach, Andy Reid, with a wad of cash in his pocket, that shares a singular vision of the future, to convert this team from the Alex Smith era to the Patrick Mahommes era.


If we’re being honest, and I’ve stated this before, the 2017 Kansas City Chiefs regular season is not about making the playoffs or winning the AFC West, it’s to transition from Smith to Mahommes. For the first time in my five plus decades as a fan of this team, we possess a young, strong armed dynamic quarterback to pin our future Super Bowl dreams upon.


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Mahommes will be an NFL Star for the Chiefs. So much so, it makes no sense for the Chiefs to baby Mahommes in 2017. Alex Smith is a fine starter, but the avalanche of pressure on his shoulders, the fact every errant throw, interception or missed open receiver jettisoning out of his right arm, will pile more dirt on his eventual departure from this roster after the 2017 season. He’s in a no win scenario, and will not come out of this competition, regardless if he reaches perfection status, without some big-time bruises to his ego.


Smith from all accounts seems up for the challenge, but the weight of attempting to achieve that perfection barrier, might be a lofty goal not even Superman could never achieve. This franchise has been stuck in the mud for decades over its reliance on playing veteran quarterbacks. With Mahommes on the roster, it’s time to just turn over the reins to the kid, and use 2017 as a true rebuilding year to update, what was an aging offensive roster four years ago.


Tamba Hali Rant – Though I do enjoy when a NFL player goes postal on social media, KC’s back-up Linebacker, omitted one key item from his arsenal of insults and recent apology. His playing time had nothing to do with age, ability or even talent, instead the decision to limit his snaps falls squarely on defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton. As all of you know, I think he’s a bad fit for KC’s defense.


Hali’s remarks were accurate about the snap limits against Pittsburgh but that wasn’t the item that cost the Chiefs to lose that game. Instead, Sutton on the infamous 3rd down play late in the game, chose to put pass rusher, Justin Houston, in pass coverage versus attacking Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. Adding further insult, that wasn’t the first time in the game, he did that either with similar results. Thus, if Hali wants to pass blame about his playing time, it should go no further than at the direction of his defensive coordinator.


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KC Royals – I’m surprised the Kansas City Royals, despite their current 7-game winning streak, are committed to going for it one more time. Granted, I love the recent trade acquisition of San Diego Padres pitchers, Brandon Maurer, Trevor Cahill and Ryan Buchter, for basically an injured pitcher (Strahm), a horrific pitcher (Wood) and low minor leaguer who is five years away from the big leagues, you have to love the move by Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore.


Still this move is puzzling for the long term. Now with two of the acquisitions under team control for several years, it made sense. However, if the Royals don’t sign at least two of their core free agents to be (Moose and Hosmer) are the most valuable to the core, this move makes little sense – other than to chase a Wild Card spot in October. Granted that’s a good idea for the short term, but after the trade deadline on Monday, Moore will signal a white flag for the 2018, 2019 and likely 2020 seasons, until he can retool the depth in the minor league coffers, and usher in the next young core to the big leagues.


Kansas Jayhawks – I was stunned to learn that 610 Sports, the home of my beloved Jayhawks for nearly two decades, has ended in a quickie divorce. Rumor suggest that Sports Radio 810 will be the new home of the Jayhawks. I find it amusing they landed the gig considering their bias toward Kansas State, and their disdain for KU basketball overall, and in particular, Head Coach Bill Self. The station has built a solid following for certain, and has been a radio sports staple in Kansas City for decades, but are they ready for another Big-League team on their airwaves?


The last time the station went into the big-league broadcast arena to cover a national sports team, they attempted to do so with the Kansas City Royals. In the wake of that deal, they leveraged major cash, and at terms end, were begging to get out of the contract, because they could not sustain the financial losses that were sinking the station. Forget, the fact the coverage was poor at best.


This time around let’s hope for a better fate. Adding Kansas Basketball is the crown jewel of their empire, and this time, they better not blow it.


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