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Brett Veach Hire Continues Chiefs Youth Movement

By Nick Athan

When Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt made it official on Monday, promoting Brett Veach, to General Manager, he chose the known versus the unknown in finding a replacement for his previous GM, John Dorsey. So, was this the right move for the organization and what’s next for KC’s young maverick owner?


Though I would have preferred to hear the news that Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt hired Seattle Seahawks Personnel Man, Scott Fitterer as his next General Manager, I’m not upset he chose to stay in-house and promoted Brett Veach to the position. My only concern in choosing Veach over Fitterer was in Seattle, he was under the grooming control of John Schneider, who by and large, must be considered the best in his class.


Still, I’m not going to fret over the move, because I’m sure that Fitterer wanted more control over player personnel than Veach, which makes sense. Again, Hunt made the right choice in promoting Veach, who continues to push the new narrative at One Arrowhead Drive, the Chiefs are getting younger!


Outside of Head Coach, Andy Reid, it’s now clear the removal of Dorsey as GM last month, had to do with his overall performance under the iron curtain at Arrowhead, then his age. Dorsey, did a good job for the Chiefs, but his brass nature, failure to disclose all the facts to his boss, and his willingness to so easily walk away from the organization over a contract dispute, tells me, he was a part time solution at best for Hunt.


Still Veach enters the picture with some conspiracy perceptions about Dorsey’s ouster, but he also has some big shoes to fill, to lead the Chiefs new youthful direction the next three years. After a very rough start in Kansas City, Dorsey turned around the organization with better draft selections the last two years. To his credit, I think the 2017 draft class he complied in April, and the way he maneuvered to get his picks in line with his draft board, will go down as KC’s best draft class since 2008.


However, one big positive for Hunt in promoting Veach, is the fact, he understands the Chiefs current cap situation is a nightmare, and he won’t have to explain it to someone outside of the organization. Veatch has lived it the last three plus years. That’s a positive, because the lasting impression Dorsey may leave on the Chiefs organization, was the fact he could not manage the salary cap to keep his job long term.


Today, KC finds themselves in Cap Hell, and will need to be very creative, cutting select veterans in 2018 so they can continue to rebuild, reshape and move into a more youthful, talented direction on both sides of the ball. As it stands now, the defense is in good shape, though they still have holes to fill at Inside Linebacker and Defensive End, they can still address before and during training camp.


In hiring Veatch, Hunt now has an experienced Head Coach in Reid, locked down for six more years, and a young General Manager, locked down for three years, to move the Chiefs into a new direction. With this hire, and Hunts hands-on approach increasing within the organization, he can lean more on President, Mark Donovan to expand the Chiefs brand within the community, something that is key for the future of the organization.


With those checklists complete, it appears Hunt may pursue another agenda item for the Chiefs Nation and his football team. More on that item Friday in my weekend column.

Nick Athan
Nick Athan

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