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 Romo, Hosmer & Jayhawks Streak

By Nick Athan


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With the NFL Combines around the corner, the Royals amid Spring Training and the Kansas Jayhawks about to claim their 13th straight conference championship, KC sports fans appear obsessed, excited and confused with Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Tony Romo. So is he coming to the Chiefs?


When Peter King indicated last week the Kansas City Chiefs had interest in Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Tony Romo, fans began pondering what this move might look like with Romo under center for the Chiefs next season.


On Tuesday, Yahoo Sports NFL Writer, Jason Cole, citing other NFL General Managers, believes the consensus was that Kansas City could ultimately get Romo. If that’s the case, I pointed out last week, the Chiefs would need to trade incumbent starter, Alex Smith.


As I mentioned last week, the Chiefs have multiple suitors for Smith. The New York Jets (also in on Romo and Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler), Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. All three need a veteran quarterback the likes of Smith, to run the show until they can groom a young diaper dandy.


Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

According to a pair of sources, I’ve been told the Chiefs organization believes Smith has hit his ceiling as a playoff winning quarterback. Thus, Kansas City is open to trading Smith to usher in Romo or give back-up, Nick Foles a chance to run the offense in 2017. Regarding Foles, the Chiefs probably will cut him thus shaving off about $6.5 million in cap savings. However, complicating matters, Foles wants to remain in Kansas City to work with Head Coach, Andy Reid.


So will the Chiefs actually pull the trigger on trading Smith and signing Romo to a 2-3 year contract?


If I was a betting man, I’d say I have zero confidence that current General Manager, John Dorsey can get it done – unless Reid and Chairman, Clark Hunt get involved. Dorsey has fallen on the job since leaking his personal laundry (contract status) to the media. He’s under pressure to sign both Safety, Eric Berry and Nose Tackle, Dontari Poe – but he’s slow to the punch – he’ll likely lose Poe to free agency.


As for Berry’s prospects to return to Kansas City (something he wants badly), the Chiefs have until Friday, I’m told, to get a deal done, or Berry’s people might shut the door on Kansas City. Once that happens, his agent will begin listening to offers from prospective teams at the NFL Combines. I’m told Berry and Poe each have multiple suitors.


With his stumbling to get these deals done at the last minute – costing the franchise even more money had he done it earlier this season – it’s clear Dorsey isn’t the man to deliver the goods on trading and signing Smith or Romo.


However, if Romo wants to play for the Chiefs, after he’s cut by the Cowboys, I can see little resistance from Kansas City to get it done – even with Dorsey taking the credit – should others step into the fold. I’m told the Cowboys will likely release Romo than trade him so it really boils down to cost and cap space.


Romo certainly has issues, multiple injuries among them, but depending on the Chiefs cap space to shore up their offensive line, add another wide receiver in free agency, adding Romo would make them a legitimate Super Bowl team – even if they lose one of their top free agent defenders.


As far as Smith, when Brad Childress was promoted to Assistant Head Coach this month, came with it numerous discussions as to the likelihood Smith would remain the starter in 2017. He’s scoured the potential draft picks, and unless Kansas City jumps into the top five, there’s not a starter in the bunch.


The local rag, the Kansas City Star, has made suggestions that third stringer, Tyler Bray might be ready to compete for the back-up spot should Foles be released, but I have my doubts. His arm strength is second to none in the history of the Chiefs organization, but assimilating and executing the Reid / Childress playbook, requires more than mortal arm strength and precise accuracy. Yet, he has the down the field arm to deliver big plays to Tight End Travis Kelce, Wide Receivers, Jeremy Maclin and Tyreek Hill, to at least ponder his potential.


In my view, trading Smith for Romo is worth the risk. In 2017, the Chiefs are facing an 8-8 season, and every one of their coaches (including Reid), Dorsey and his staff, each have contracts expiring this upcoming season.


So, in my view, go for it! Because I sense some wild changes are afoot for the Chiefs in 2018.


AP Photo

AP Photo

Kansas City Royals – When news spread of the Royals willingness to sign All Star, and World Series hero, Eric Hosmer to a long-term deal, that peaked my interest. Unlike the Chiefs who wait and wait to re-sign their valuable young veterans, General Manager, Dayton Moore is on the ball.


I’m told that Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain would each like to remain with the organization to become the American League’s version of the Atlanta Braves. The sticking point for the Royals in regards to getting Hosmer done won’t be the money ($17 million per season) – it will be what opt year is within the deal – expected to be 5-6 years in length.


Should Hosmer convince his agent, Scott Boras (no easy thing to do) to honor his clients heart, something I expect to occur shortly, Moustakas could be the next lynch pin to keeping the Royals core together. Kansas City has already locked up Starting Pitcher, Danny Duffy, Outfielder Alex Gordon and Catcher, Sal Perez for the next several years.


As I mentioned before, after the death of Yordano Ventura, the organization decided to break out of its slumber and began telling people, they intend to fight to keep this special group of young men together.


I thought I’d never say this, but right now, the best ownership, management and coaching in Kansas City running a professional sports team, is the combination of David Glass, Dayton Moore and Ned Yost.


Kansas Jayhawks – Depending on the time you read this article, the Kansas Jayhawks under, Bill Self, are knocking on the door of history. With a win over TCU at home on Wednesday evening, they’ll find themselves with 13 consecutive conference titles – putting them tied with UCLA in that incredible, never to be broken again, college basketball category.


Self, who is nominated for the College Basketball Hall of Fame this year, has done this within the ridiculous (one and done) mantra imposed by the NBA. Though Self, hasn’t had too many of them bail after one season, most Big 12 writers, thought in 2016 Baylor, West Virginia or Iowa State, could dethrone the Jayhawks from their championship podium.


Well that’s not the case. Reality is reality. If Bill Self is on the bench, he can replace key losses with his unique brand of recruiting prowess, Big 12 titles will reign supreme in Lawrence, Kansas for as long as he’s running the ship.




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